Howl (2018)

‘A whiff of Chess Chicago Blues filtered through a rock lens with psychedelic touches and explosive bottleneck slide… Blues which is still able to surprise – not too swamped with respect, however respectful it is of the masters.’ – Bruno Conti

‘Alex Haynes is among the most valuable exponents of the British blues and his band The Fever represent a powerful and tough combo that, with a variety of sounds, keep it dynamic and extremely varied. ‘Howl’ brings us back to the golden days when music was full of a great inventiveness, that not only blended blues with rock but also with soul and gospel in a constantly searching way that was always stimulating.’ – Planet Country

‘His style embodies the primitive spirit of the down home blues, mingling with the soul of Chess and the R&B of the ‘50s. A hard and strident sound, that seems to invoke the hypnotic, swampy blues of Mississippi, whilst approaching the sound of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. But Haynes with his Fever – a tight and energetic band – expertly adds to this mix an originality in the music.’ – Mescalina

‘The full and sensual voice of Haynes, tinged with soul and whiskey, along with his intriguing, rootsy guitar style is a sound that crosses the different facets of the blues and with songs close to the sounds of the past yet re-styled with taste and energy, make ‘Howl’ a tantalising album, performed with style and vitality.’ – Helga Franzetti

‘Flickering with a beat last heard in the most dirty and genuine of the early-‘60s English bands… Shifting from John Lee Hooker and Elmore James, to the hill country blues of RL Burnside… hypnotic blues boogie drifting into ‘60s psych.’ – Buscadero

‘Throwing in a few surprises, it is the ability of this band to take you on a journey… without seeming stale or contrived, that impresses most – it bodes well for their future.’ – Blues Bunny