‘Alex is a top player, a top tutor and an all-round genuinely top bloke – a pleasure to learn with and, most importantly, to spend time with every week! I can’t recommend him enough.’ – Tom

‘We were recommended Alex and haven’t been disappointed. He has been teaching our 8 year old son for just over a year and he’s now confident playing various riffs and chord sequences for whole songs. In addition, Alex has also introduced our son to a fantastic back catalogue of rock and pop songs ranging from The Beatles to the Violent Femmes to The White Stripes. He’s also a lovely guy, we highly recommend him.’ – Ósk

‘Having played guitar from self-taught I was keen to work with a tutor who could help me lose any poor habits, build on my knowledge and strengthen my skills before moving on to more complex techniques – I couldn’t have hoped for a better tutor, we discussed my musical interests (blues and slide guitar) then spent several enjoyable months building those areas. Alex always tailored the lessons to my ability, getting more complex over time so I was never overwhelmed but always encouraged to challenge myself – I definitely felt by the end of our time that I was a significantly better player than when I began.’ – Thomas

‘I am delighted that I found Alex when looking for a teacher to help me move beyond the basics. Under his tuition, I have improved significantly and he has stimulated my desire to keep learning and improving. Alex has a real passion for, and wide knowledge of, a range of music genres so his lessons are never sterile but always grounded in an interesting context, which he then applies to my guitar playing development.’ – Gary

‘Learning the guitar is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had and I was lucky to do that with Alex. I had no previous playing skills but Alex remained friendly, patient and encouraging throughout. After every session I had progressed further and learnt something new. I would 100% recommend Alex to novices like me who need initial guidance and direction.’ – Jodi

‘Alex has passed on his wide knowledge and understanding of blues and folk guitar and as a result I have learnt various styles from artists previously unknown to me. I think of it not just as a guitar lesson but a musical journey into blues and folk.’ – Brendon

‘From Johnny Cash to Kurt Cobain, and all points in between, Alex really knows his stuff’ – Matt

‘Alex has been teaching me blues and bottleneck slide and I’ve come on leaps and bounds. He has equipped me to be able to pick apart some of my favourite songs and unlock their secrets. He tailors the lessons to suit, managing to pitch the lessons just ahead of your ability, which means you feel a real sense of achievement once you get there.’ – Joe

‘It’s been great having lessons this year, I’ve really enjoyed it and it has got me back into playing regularly’ – Tom

‘I could not recommend Alex any higher. Lessons are practical, fun and super-interesting. Before taking lessons with Alex I couldn’t play a note and one year on I have a pretty large repertoire!’ – Josefina

‘Alex is a great teacher. I am really happy with the progress I’ve made in only a few months, I definitely couldn’t have done this alone. Alex is really good at setting up challenges that keep the motivation levels high. Plus, he is really friendly so it’s a real pleasure to go to the weekly lessons. During a hectic week the guitar is a great way to relax!’ – Alain

Alex has taught my son for 6 years from age 9-14. He is very laid back and supportive which is a good fit for my son. My son learnt a wide range of music and as he progressed Alex was happy to help him with his own choice of music and sometimes even helped him develop his own compositions. Most of all he encouraged a true love of music and playing the guitar, which will stay with him for life.’ – Fiona

‘Alex is a fantastic teacher. I was a complete beginner when I started taking lessons with him but quickly progressed, learning loads of great songs and techniques. I felt that his lessons were personalised to my needs and interests. Also, they were good fun. I couldn’t recommend Alex enough.’ – Emma